Reaching 100 Followers — Thank you!

Steven Bui
1 min readNov 8, 2022
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Taking a small pause to thank everyone who has followed me.

My Reason For Writing

Hello! I started writing on Medium to get thoughts and ideas out of my head. It turns out that writing is quite therapeutic as it brought me some calm to sit down to organize my thoughts and plans. Over time, it changed to writing down my work experiences as a reminder of what I have accomplished and learned over time. Hopefully other people find my writing useful to help guide their own career or to learn something new.

Advice for Gaining More Followers

Being More Active

Medium is a great place to read articles for readers, but reading only won’t help writers gain more followers. Try commenting, clapping, and following other people for them to notice you.

Fledging Writers

There are also fledging writers who are trying to gain 100+ followers also. Many other writers will follow back if you follow them.

Good Content

Lastly, people will naturally follow someone who is creating good content that they like. I have read articles of different qualities from ones that have spelling mistakes to ones that are nicely organized and easy to read.



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